I began the business 25 years ago by hiring a church hall and holding classes for 6 children from Maltby, Rotherham. At that time Maltby was a thriving mining village with a majority of working class people, principally employed at the pit, with no inclinations towards performing arts.

Over the years I have developed the classes whilst studying further qualifications and gaining experience and have moved from church halls to school halls and now have my own purpose built studios in Maltby where I run a 200 strong Theatre school qualifying students through 4 nationally recognised examining boards.

However, we are still catering for the members of the community who need help with finances and support, to allow themselves and their children to attend classes.

The school is qualified by 5 national examining boards:

I provide training for children and adults in Musical Theatre and have received national recognition by being invited to perform at Disneyland , Paris; Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End of London; The Royal Albert Hall in London and many more. Over the past twenty years I have trained numerous dance and fitness teachers giving females a teaching qualification to begin new businesses and start earning money after their training.

The track record of the school shows 100% pass rates in all examinations, in all areas, with National recognition being honored on the school in the form of nominations of 6 students out of 4000 for Theatre Dance of Britain.

The quality of the school and customer service can only be judged by the sheer growth in the school from 6 to 200 pupils and the reputation within the town and the village for keeping children off the streets and studying for something constructive and rewarding in their lives.