Performing Arts Entry and Level 1


The Theatre School enjoys a close link with the local training provider  which supports a large and successful Performing Arts department with excellent facilities.

The Theatre School delivers Edexcel National Awards in performing arts over 2 years encouraging vocational training throughout it’s activities and supporting excellence through educational developments.

The Theatre School is supported by the Morthyng

Practical and theory units are delivered in our studios using multimedia facilities for delivery and providing a conducive environment for learning.

Glitzzi Girls

Dancing in front of a mirror and singing into a hair brush has been the passion of almost every teenage girl for years. But all that could be about to change , as two Rotherham Chamber Members have combined to pioneer a new way for youngsters to mimic their pop idols – and it could make a huge impact on the UK music scene.

Rotherham’s Music Factory Entertainment Group whose past creations include Jive Bunny have formed an all girl trio to develop the branding for a new piece of karaoke equipment. Targeted at 6 to 12 year olds wannabe pop-girls . The Pop Star Kit is a headset microphone and amplifier that attaches to the belt. Coming with a karaoke disc produced by the Music Factory , youngsters can wear the headphones and 'become' their favourite star.

Sarah Novak, playing the character 'Belle' , Louise Emmanuel as KC and Tita Lau as Mai are following up a UK tour by performing in Majorca, Spain and Ibiza this summer. The Glitzzi Girls will also support Blue and Liberty X in concert at venues including the Hallam FM Arena. A single release should follow in September.

To polish the glitz , the Music Factory turned to fellow member The Gillian Banks Theatre School

'We wanted them to be the very best ready for their tour,so contacted Gillian who agreed to do a day’s masterclass to really perfect their routines' said Helen Pickles, Group co-ordinator at the Music Factory.

'Gillian worked with each girl individually, developing their own styles, brushing up on their dance routines and stage presence to perfection. The girls all felt a lot more confident with their own performance, and had an extra spring in their step, ready to start a busy few months touring the continent' .

Paula Staniforth, Brand Manager for the Glitzzi Girls brand, added:

'Gillian worked with us coming up to the Arena performance and the girls benefited from her expertise, the band supports the Glitzzi Girls brand and all these strands make up the whole which is another strong brand from the Music Factory ' .